Why Choose Us?

At Into The Wild Florist, as well as ensuring you receive the best possible service and fantastic flowers every time, we also feel it’s important to share a little more about our credentials and some additional information on how your flowers are sourced and picked before you receive them. 


That way you’ll know exactly who you’re working with and understand more about the high standards we run our business by.

Our credentials, partnerships, and media coverage:

  • Jennifer Hindmoor, the owner of Into The Wild Florist, studied and obtained her floristry qualifications in Berlin, Germany, and also now teaches floristry courses at South Thames College

  • Into The Wild are a recommended supplier for Battersea Park weddings and Michelle Wood photography, have worked in a host of large and small, indoor and outdoor venues, and also work closely with Brett and Bailey - specialists in cakes and baked goods

They have been featured in other media including;

Where we source your flowers:

A core principle of Into The Wild Florist is to support local business whenever possible, and to that end, we will always aim to source your flowers from high quality, ethical, British flower farms when the blooms you want are available, or we alternatively use the flower market that supports local London businesses. We work closely with a few specific market suppliers to ensure you get the best flowers, be they for a wedding, bouquet, or other requirement.

Trips to the flower market occur at 4am, as this ensures we’re able to pick your flowers at their freshest and more accurately coordinate their opening/blooming time with the day you’re due to receive them.

Depending on the make-up of your order, we’ll often need to make multiple trips to the market to account for the fact some flowers will stay in-bud longer than others. The making of a beautiful flower arrangement is down to timing as much as anything else

Our efforts to stay green

To help with the sustainability of our beautiful planet, we try and use as much recyclable material as we can, and limit the use of non biodegradable packing materials such as floral foam whenever possible.

We look forward to you ordering your flowers from us.