How Your Wedding Flowers Will be Delivered on the Day

The process of delivering the flowers for your wedding starts at 4:00 AM in the morning when we pick them up from our suppliers. That said, the actual collection process often starts a number of days before the wedding day itself, as different flowers take different amounts of time to fully open and display their blooms. 

It’s our floral expertise that allows us to know the optimal time to collect each type of flower so they will be at their absolute best on your wedding day.

Mair  Josh Wedding -258.jpg

Organising Your Flowers at the Wedding Venue

As mentioned in our article on designing your wedding flowers, agreement on when we can gain access to your venue will already have been agreed with your venue manager, and so we’ll arrive as early as we possibly can.

The bulk of the smaller arrangements for your table centrepieces and urns, etc., will have been crafted at our studio beforehand and so get transported to the venue pre-assembled. For bigger installations, such as floral arches and mantelpiece displays, we create these in-situ.

Taking Care of Your Flowers After the Wedding

At the end of the wedding there are 2 options open to you...

  1.  You can decide to have us leave you flower wrapping paper so the Best Man and Maid of Honour can distribute the flowers to your guests, or

  2. You can leave everything and we will tidy up the next day


Into The Wild look forward to being your wedding flowers supplier for your special day!