About us

Hello, I’m Jennifer. Florist, designer and founder of Into The Wild Florist. 

I specialise in bespoke floral arrangements for unique people, weddings and events. From bridal bouquets for small intimate events to large scale celebrations, Into The Wild Florist works closely with couples to create something memorable for their special occasions. 

Born from a year of difficult news and challenging events, I wanted to create something positive in my life. 

Growing up in a National Park, my dream job was always to become a florist. I innately had a natural love of seasonal flowers, cottage gardens, and the wilder side of nature. I also had previously worked in a community garden as well as a Carnival Designer (for Notting Hill Carnival) which watered my growing desires.

However, I had some personal hurdles to overcome before I could start my journey, including struggling with early mornings and not being able to drive. 

Then one day in 2016, something clicked within me and I took the first steps into realising my dream. I went to Berlin to study Floristry and I learnt to drive. My journey began.

I named my start-up Into the Wild Florist, inspired by a song I heard at a concert in Camden. Fast forward a few years, and Into The Wild has become my very own gig. 

I have never looked back. Now I’m up at 4 AM every day and enjoy every single sunrise. I have designed and delivered many beautiful flower arrangements, and take pride in supporting small independent UK flower growers, and promoting sustainable options for all Into The Wild arrangements. 

Jennifer, Into The Wild Florist.

Why choose Into The Wild Florist?

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